In the next few weeks we will start following three brides as they get prepare for their 2015 Sugarland weddings.  Join us as they taste and sample cakes, practice the dances, and pick out their dresses.

Laurelyn Savannah - photographer - SugarLand Weddings


Dani Stephenson photographer for SugarLand
















There is a lot to love about Sugarland: the beautiful rustic venue, overnight place to hang with family and friends, amazing food from the Old Feed Mill, plus award-winning area photographers.

So join us for a Sugarland wedding.  Here are some pics of past Sugarland Weddings.

.0331d53633222ed60bbf9a2d67c487e7Emily Steffen - and James-421

Katie and James FILM-241Katie and James FILM-257 copy0681PreeyaEric-1428

Sweet Sugarland!  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox0

PreeyaEric-1438Katie and James-688