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About Us


In those first moments alone together after our first kiss as husband + wife,we held each other tight with a love deeper than we ever knew possible. As we stood there in the fog on top of the hill, we looked in one direction + saw the people who have supported us + encouraged us in our journey enjoying the wedding celebration. In the other direction, we saw a horizon that continued into forever + we felt excited to finally begin our own journey together that would span just as far.

We are Maison + Caleb, a husband + wife photography team based in Madison, Wisconsin, + we are wildly in love. We got married on August 23, 2014, + have fallen more in love every day since. It is through the grace + love of Jesus that we are fortunate enough to work side by side.

We are wedding photographers because we LOVE marriage. We believe that the most authentic way to capture someone’s love story is by investing in who they are before, during, + after they say, “I do”. By combining our passion for timeless photography + forever marriages, we want to encourage you as you journey towards marriage because we believe in it! For us, it’s not just about the photos, it’s about the experience.


The Experience


We know that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of day, + we think that your experience with us should reflect that starting the very moment we meet. Because of this, we craft our experience to include EVERYTHING you need, while leaving room to add the extras, + a few surprises along the way! We will photograph together, demonstrate poses, + provide you with peace of mind knowing that we always work side by side as a husband + wife team.

Our hope for your experience is that we would build a relationship. One in which you feel known, encouraged, + excited about your future marriage! That you would be able to trust us as photographers, but more importantly, as friends + cheerleaders for your marriage.

We’ve found that a trusted relationship not only makes your photography experience fun + natural, but also allows us to join you in your celebration as both photographers + advocates for your journey ahead.

Because you know what?! Marriage is AWESOME. And we believe in your story.

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Brianna and Andy May 9th 2015


All images courtesy of Maison Meredith Photography


Samantha and Bryan May 24th 2015


All images courtesy of Maison Meredith Photography