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I’m a storyteller


I come from the film and animation world. I’m always looking for the story – in every moment, in every couple, in every wedding day.

I approach your day just as I would a film – with an evolving storyboard in my mind that will eventually become your album. This is not to say my approach is formulaic.

Far from it.

I am anticipating those moments that help turn a collection of images into something curated. I’m following the great light and the subtle emotions. I’ll make sure you are in the best possible light and backgrounds, move the shopping bag that’s distracting in a shot and edit your reality to look as it should. My goal is for you to experience your day to the fullest – good experiences lead to great photography. As such, I’m efficient in organizing your day so that I can cover your story without being intrusive to that experience. As your day unfolds and the pictures start piling up, so does the story.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. It all starts with your engagement session. I’m going to ask you questions. Lots and lots of questions, likely as we shoot. I do this to get to know your stories, your history, what makes you and your love unique. Your engagement session is just the first step in building your story. It is such an important part of my creative process that I include it for everyone at no extra charge.
On your wedding day, I’ll show up looking like a guest, wearing heels and ready to rock it. I alternate between blending in and taking charge, depending on what is needed. When I’ve done my job right, your guests will ask me if I’m an old college friend of yours, and when we look at your pictures for the first time, you’ll exclaim “I don’t even remember you being there!”.

The m three experience means you are hiring an artist you trust.
It’s not about trends or fads, but it is about creating your first family heirloom.
It means having a great wedding, and even better pictures to remember it by.

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Maria and Warren Wedding, September 19th 2015


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Mariah & Warren Katzenstein