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I believe when it comes to wedding photography, timelessness is key.


Despite the fact that you may choose the baby blue tux or the mile high shoulder pads in your wedding dress, I don’t ever want your future kids to look back on your day and make fun of your photos.

I appreciate good color combinations. Especially at weddings.

I still believe in the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. 🙂

I prefer to eat dessert first. But I promise not to do that at your wedding. I promise!

I believe that you should fall in love with your photographer. Don’t hire them just because they are available or in your price range. I want you to LOVE your wedding photos more than your bank account.

It my ideal world I would wear my Birkenstocks to your wedding, but I promise I won’t. Unless your wedding is in a grove of trees or grassy field, then I might. 🙂

I believe that you should dance the night away at your wedding.

People who have dogs at their weddings are my favorite!

I believe that wedding dresses don’t have to be white and bridesmaids dresses don’t have to match.

I cry at every wedding. I just do!

I believe that every single bride is beautiful.

You will always see me with my fabulous assistant Katie. She is helping me live my dreams; I LOVE her! 🙂

I believe that the midwest is best. But if you’re planning your wedding across the globe, call me too, I love to see new places! 🙂

And I believe that your wedding photos should make you happy. They should remind you of how much you love and are loved!

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Katie and James – July 2nd 2013


Wisconsin barn meets classy! This day was just awesome!! 🙂 Rustic meets tradition! Wine, lawn games, family style food, ice cream comes, lots of laughter and stories…and the best wedding band ever! The epitome of family and friends and celebration in this wedding day! Katie and James were married at the Sugarland Barn near Madison, WI (the first wedding with the barn completed! Yay!) 🙂


All images courtesy of Emily Steffen