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Ceremonies by Design and Reverend Joan Pape


Why We Have Ceremony


When I was a little girl living in Roxbury, just about every day I would take long hikes on Frey’s Hill. I knew that, in times past, the Sauk indian tribe roamed this very hill, and the surrounding countryside. I liked to imagine that I was among them, foraging and hunting.It felt natural for me to build little shrines out of loose rocks and fallen branches, and to ask for Spirit’s blessings upon the land. My humble ceremonies helped me feel connected to the noble legacy of the past. They helped me to cherish the abundant landscape around me. And they helped me feel a certain peaceful optimism about my life to come.I feel this is the value of ceremony in our lives, and the reason I founded Ceremonies By Design: to honor the past, to cherish what we have, and to anticipate our lives to come. 


The 1st Wedding I Performed


The very first wedding ceremony I conducted was an eclectic blend. I welcomed the friends and family in attendance, then talked about some of the unique experiences the couple had gone through, and how those experiences got them to their wedding day. After their vows, I led the couple as they performed “The Ceremony of the Roses” to commemorate their shared understanding of their commitment to each other, and to honor their parents. During “Ave Maria,” we did the Lighting of the Unity Candle. The bride’s sister read a poem entitled, “Spirit of Love and Life.” I led everyone in reciting The Lord’s Prayer, after which the groom’s sister read the Apache Wedding Prayer. The ceremony ended as I introduced the newly married couple, and they shared their first kiss.

In the more than 300 weddings I’ve performed since that first wedding, there have never been two that are exactly the same. My strong feelings about the importance of ceremony in our lives is reflected in my delivery of a ceremony that represents the two of you … your relationship story, your values and your wishes. In that way, your wedding ceremony ultimately represents the start of your marriage journey and your lives as husband and wife.


A Brief Biography


I’ve been an avid student of a wide variety of spiritual disciplines for a long time. I’ve studied and trained in various spiritual schools of thought since 1974. In 1998, I was ordained as a minister in the Universal Life Church. The core teaching of the Universal Life Church is: “Do only that which is right.” I was drawn to the Universal Life Church because it shares my belief that there is a difference between spirituality and religion, and that each of us is free to pursue our own personal spiritual beliefs. You need not be a member of the Universal Life Church for me to perform your wedding ceremony. When I perform your wedding ceremony, your marriage is valid and legally recognized.It may also interest you to know that I am a Reiki Master Teacher in both the Usui and Karuna Reiki® traditions, a Practitioner of Reconnecting Healing ™ and a Certified Fitness Specialist for Older Adults. I have combined the best-of-the-best in these therapeutic healing practices and offer holistic services for wellness of the whole person ~ body, mind and spirit. I also offer a wide variety of classes and workshops in these areas.
My ministerial work is a great joy and passion in my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve so many wonderful couples with my ministry. I so look forward to partnering with you to design your soulful wedding ceremony.

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Ceremonies By Design - Vendor for SugarLand Weddings