SugarLand Weddings, Wisconsin

Brianna and Andy, May 9th 2015

All images courtesy of Maison Meredith Photography


Hi Nancy!!

What an amazing weekend! I’ve heard positive comment after positive comment about the venue and just the amazing weekend everyone had! Many thanks to you Nancy for all the extra attention to detail, to help us make the image in our heads come to life! Thank you so so so much : )

We had some time to unpack today and realized that Andrew and I’s place settings didn’t get packaged up with our tea cups. I definitely could pick them out if I were to come by. But until then, I’ve attached a picture of the tea cup that matches the set. We had 2 dinner and 2 salad plates that matched. Can you let me know if you find it and where I should pick it up, or let me know if you’d like me to come take a look : )

Thanks again so much Nancy, You’re sure to have our recommendation to our friends and family. Thank you for helping make our memories beautiful!

Bri & Andy

Brianna Darnieder