A Sugarland Wedding, the Epitome of Rustic Elegance

You can make your Sugarland wedding more rustic, more vintage, more oh-so-much more. Sugarland really is your hideaway. I am excited to introduce you to some brides, in the next few weeks, who plan to get married at Sugarland this summer. Have fun with them, as they share their ideas from cake selecting, outfits, the dress and little touches to make Sugarland theirs for the week, the weekend, or just the big day!

Three Brides planning a Sugarland Wedding

In the next few weeks we will start following three brides as they get prepare for their 2015 Sugarland weddings.  Join us as they taste and sample cakes, practice the dances, and pick out their dresses.                               There is a lot to love...